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Browse the catalog and discover all Mackma products. Tube bending machines, profile bending machines, mandrel bending machines, manual or automatic sawing machines, briquetting machines, shredders, horizontal or vertical presses, plasma and plasma tube cutting, magnetic drills and vertical drills, only Mackma!

Why Mackma?

Mackma guarantees you reliability, safety and speed at competitive prices! It has many products in stock and offers a qualified technical assistance service. The machines can be customized according to the customer’s needs and Mackma Software can be interfaced with any other machine in the workshop.

Do you have other models of machines in the workshop with tool kits but are you tired of using them because they are always broken?

No problem! Mackma equipment can also be used on other machine models and the equipment you already have in the workshop can be used on all Mackma machines!

What are the Fields of Application?

Mackma manufactures medium/high productivity industrial machinery and the companies that can benefit from it are considered the best in their sector. They are demanding companies, who love perfection, cleanliness and elegance as well as undisputed repeatability. Each piece made by Mackma machines is the same as the other. Mackma provides consultancy and technical assistance all over the world, offering customized solutions and cutting-edge applications. For Mackma, customer needs always come first.

Mackma News!

The Mackma brand is known all over the world for its extraordinary tube and profile bending machines, but for some years now it has wanted to expand its production and bring its skills and experience to other industrial sectors. From today Mackma is also able to supply you with professional sawing machines, cutting machines, briquetting machines or magnetic drills, all guaranteed by the aesthetic and functional quality that only Mackma can give you.

Mackma Guaranteed 4 Years!

All Mackma products are guaranteed for 2 years, but you can request a GOLD warranty extension for another 2 years!

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